Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Gee... if we could only figure out what is causing these dramatic peaks and valleys.


The answer obviously is no. 

Someone on twitter once said - It takes you 30 days to know you are fucked, but it takes three months to know how fucked you are. ZH would like you to believe this disease is magically disappearing in a "will it" "won't it" way for clicks. For that famous herd immunity lie.

And I don't care what anyone does at this point. I've already accepted that y'all are just going to keep killing each other. I'm sporting 99% protection now. I'm even ready to go back into crowded convention halls.

While the whole mask insanity was going on I was trying to find a way to express to people why they worked. But I would up running across an article about people working in TB labs, and they were using n100 masks. The claim is that no one ever got sick. So I've got the next best thing. So... you guys figure it out. I should add that I don't think mandates work,  but masks do. But, people are free to choose, and technically have been for a long time. Despite official mask mandates.

County of San Luis Obispo Health Officer Order Requires Masking in Indoor Public Places
Author: Public Health Date: 8/31/2021 3:16:51 PM - The order goes into effect on September 1, 2021 (12:01 a.m.) and applies to those who are vaccinated as well as to those who are not. 


  1. I've followed you for years. I've always admired how astute you are with things. I'm shocked how incredibly wrong you are about covid. I will continue to follow you because you seem smart and I enjoy this blog so much. Covid is bs though. The vaccine is bs. It's all bs. Yes, a manmade flu strain that is more deadly than your average flu swept across the world, but masks don't do a thing and the vax doesn't even work. It's a method to introduce a social credit scoring system. That's it.

  2. I appreciate the compliment - but I'm sorry you feel that way. I hope in time you will come back and see that I was in fact right. I can only think that you live in the middle of no where, because I can't go anywhere without people telling me they just recovered from Covid.

    1. It's because you're in Cali. I'm in Georgia. Covid is done. I haven't worn a mask in over a year. My county has 213,000 people so it's not the middle of nowhere. We just quit playing that game a long time ago. Again, if you're right I will come and say I was wrong and you were right, but covid is a global scam in my eyes. Time will tell, but either way I'm sticking around because I've enjoyed this blog for years. And you're funny, which I like. :-)

    2. Oh, and I had covid (40 year old male, no pre-existing conditions) 3 months ago and it rocked me. Sickest I've ever been as an adult. Everyone I know has already had it too. I know a handful of people it even killed. That's life though. More likely to die in a car wreck and I'm not going to quit driving. Life is full of risk. Hiding in our homes and acting like idiots hiding behind a piece of cloth isn't doing anything other than giving away our freedoms to a bunch of psychopaths.

  3. "And you're funny, which I like. :-)"

    Awwww. Well family does fight sometimes. Even blog family. I never understand why people think I'm funny though. Someone in my real life described me as blunt but funny. And I guess that is the part that makes people stick around?

    "Hiding in our homes and acting like idiots hiding behind a piece of cloth isn't doing anything other than giving away our freedoms to a bunch of psychopaths."

    I know this is a popular argument for your side, but we are not all hiding in our homes. I literally have been out the whole time. I tried to save my favorite restaurants from the minute this started. Even in complete lockdown you were allowed to get supplies and takeout. It just so happens that is a large geographical area here.

    Freedom isn't free. It comes with small and sometimes large sacrifices. And until Americans come together and have a base level of what we are fighting - we are never getting past this. Because you surely will not like my next posts. But I'm not trying to antagonize you. It's always good to take a break if you are unhappy with my content.

    Until they lift the vaccine mandate or allow testing, I'm basically not a full citizen and my content is what it is.