Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Crossing the original antigenic sin?

"Original antigenic sin, also known as antigenic imprinting or the Hoskins effect,[1] refers to the propensity of the body's immune system to preferentially utilize immunological memory based on a previous infection when a second slightly different version of that foreign pathogen (e.g. a virus or bacterium) is encountered. This leaves the immune system "trapped" by the first response it has made to each antigen, and unable to mount potentially more effective responses during subsequent infections. Antibodies or T-cells induced during infections with the first variant of the pathogen are subject to a form of original antigenic sin, termed repertoire freeze. 

The phenomenon of original antigenic sin has been described in relation to influenza virus, SARS-CoV-2,[2] dengue fever, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) [3] and to several other viruses.[4]"

I am not a virologist, but I read a lot of really smart people. I admit, I don't understand all of this stuff. But they have been talking about this for at least two boosters. And could be playing out in Israel. It seems the 4th booster has failed.

Now a background.

There are now at least three Omicron siblings. And possibly as many as five. I haven't read today. They are all different enough that you can catch all of them. There are reports of people being reinfected with Omicron(BA2) immediately after being infected with BA1. (OMICRON1)

Additionally, being infected with Omicron doesn't give you ANY protection against reinfection UNLESS you get a severe case. Mild case? Mild unhelpful antibodies. So again.... I don't really understand "Team Everyone's going to Get This's" plan.  Unless they are just trying to get to get a punch in their free sub card. It feels like they are just getting themselves sick for sport at this point.

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