Monday, September 23, 2019

This is likely the final chapter I will ever write on Fry's Electronics.

The rumor mill has been hot and heavy on Fry's Electronics. The rumor goes - they stopped paying their suppliers some time last year. But they are blaming everything on the trade war. Which is odd, because Best Buy doesn't have stores that look like this. So, Mr S. and I decided to suck it up and take a look at the Fremont store this weekend.

It was pretty surreal honestly. They were playing oldies rock over musac speakers.

Mr S. and I like to divide and conquer a store. He goes one way in a store - I go the other way. We don't like to shop a lot so, it cuts down on shopping time. When I caught back up with him somewhere in the middle I said - " The irony isn't lost on me that they are playing - Save my life I'm going down for the last time - over the speakers. Right at that moment they were playing "Glory Days" which he also found ironic. Other than the music it was really quite in there. I decided to pity buy a bottled water and they had one checker and Mr S estimated that was one too many.

They aren't even turning on the lights in some parts of the store like the TV area. Even the "As seen on TV stuff" which has been making the front isles look like nothing is amiss are pretty bare. These pictures were taken at 2:30 on a Sunday, and you can see the parking lot.

So.... yeah. I think at this point this is non recoverable.

This is the appliance area.

This is the TV area.


  1. Buy something there and your warranty will be nonexistent

  2. Hey Mrs. Snark...
    What do you think the maintenance on something like this is?

  3. I think it's super cool and creative. Is it yours?