Friday, September 06, 2019

What the actual hell is this?

Nordstrom Will Let You Return Your Macy’s Online Order In Store.

"Experiences also include shoe-tying classes, stroller cleaning"


"Nordstrom Inc. is trying a creative new approach for getting busy New York City shoppers in its doors: letting them return things they bought online -- from other retailers.

The department-store chain, which opens two “Nordstrom Local” concept stores in Manhattan this month, will accept merchandise returns from rivals like Macy’s Inc. and Kohl’s Corp. in the new small-format locations, regardless of whether Nordstrom carries the same item."

I know Nordstrom is famous for their return policies,  but one could argue that Amazon is famous for people not needing to return things as much. Their return rate is 5-15%.

I'm guessing a company like Nordstrom who's stock has fallen from 67 bucks to 31 buck in the last year can hardly afford to do crap like this these days. In 2015 this stock was nearly 80 bucks a share.

I guess there is just no end to companies who love to lose money. We are totally Japan.

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