Monday, September 09, 2019

Even graffiti has been boring.

Last week when I was in San Jose it looked to me that the city was trying to get a handle on their homeless problem by fencing them out. Which generally made me think things were getting betterish. Places they were normally in - all of sudden became blocked by fences.

This weekend I was pretty shocked just by the enormity of how much fencing they were putting up. Miles and miles of it along the sound walls. It's sort of the craziest thing.

They are fencing off railroad tracks. They are putting it literally everywhere. In one area I didn't even realize the train didn't go there until they blocked it off with fencing.

It's a pretty weird thing to do for a city that hates walls.


  1. and I give you

    for only the price of a dollah at a yawd sale....

    millions and millions spent and five dollars fucks up their dastardly plan.

    Money well spent, indeed.

  2. "Hey! It's another dick pick" said the student archeologist at Pompeii