Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Are all the Ponzi's finally coming crashing down?

Neumann To Step Down As WeWork CEO Considers Mass Layoffs.

I never understood this company. For all the people they employ - there was scant new things coming to the market. I have long wondered what all those people were working on. This is aside from all the shady dealing the CEO was doing.

Tesla and Musk hid facts about SolarCity deal and SpaceX involvement, shareholders claim in unsealed court docs.

This weekend when I was in San Jose there was a row of Lyft bikes and not a single one was being used. If you bought Lyft at the IPO you would currently be down 36 bucks a share. In less than 6 months.

UBER?  You would be down 15 bucks a share. I had a feeling this company was in trouble when Arianna Huffington bailed ship.

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