Monday, September 30, 2019

Back in Socialist California.

San Francisco residents received death threats after setting up boulders to block homeless tents. Now the city is taking the rocks away.

Last week I blogged about San Fransisco and Sacramento having to install boulders to keep homeless away from their properties. I was wondering how long it would take because San Fransisco has a habit of shaming people who try to take their cities back.

Well.. it lasted less than one week.

One person tried to give the boulders away on Craigslist. The people who bought them paid 2 grand just so you know. When Craiglist booted them off a few times, people just started rolling the boulders into the street and for several days there was this back and forth.

Now.....? Death Threats.


  1. Why does the City have this strange desire to make the place so unlivable for the average person? You couldn't pay me to visit or live there.