Wednesday, September 25, 2019

In the socialist utopia of California.

Your Insurance Is Canceled Because of Homeless Tent Fires.

"Property owners pay a steep price due to the fire risk at LA homeless encampments."

Socialism fails because it depends on the strong to carry the weak no matter how much it damages the strong person. Case and point - California where a very small minority of the population completely has way more rights than a productive member of society. Eventually people grow tired are not able to carry the weak person anymore. They become too burdened with the loss of business and the growing costs and they just give up. Why should they work twice as hard for no reward?

I heard a rumor the other day that the homeless are in a bloodsport battle now. When they have a beef with another homeless person - they just set that persons tent on fire. I thought all these fires were do to them just being all drugged out. But apparently not.

Meanwhile - Businesses in Sacramento and San Fransisco now have to install boulders to keep the homeless off their property.

I've been waiting to see what the reaction is because over the summer a business did that in the Castro. Painted it rainbow colors, and they were completely shamed by homeless advocates. They had to shut down for a while. I haven't checked lately.

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