Friday, September 27, 2019

I still haven't found my posts on the Vinod Khosla event, but I did find some of my posts about voting for Trump. (also here) I was on team Trump before literally anyone was. Before it was fashionable. So it's kinda funny to be now considered the enemy a little for pointing out things in the economy. Now I guess you are some sort of Democratic operative if you point out the obvious. I'd like to think that I am consistent.

Anyway I was searching for the Vinod stuff and I realized just how stupid this blog is. I make it really hard to find stuff later. But then later I was thinking about it and remembered that I try to be super vague when I talk about things so I am purposely not indexed. Silicon Valley is a very small world. In some ways I don't want to be found. But when I need to find some old random post I find it super ridiculous.

So I guess in that way - I am doing a better job than I thought I was because I can't even find my own words sometimes.


  1. You know you're doing a good job of hiding when you can't find yourself! Congratulations!!

  2. Speaking of Trump and these 'So-Called' Democrats