Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Musical Lots.

I noticed this lot over the weekend and I had to go back and investigate. It had been storing other cars there for the longest time. I will have to look back because I forget which manufacturer. I want to say Nissan, but I honestly don't remember. Perhaps they got a grip on their overflow.

I wouldn't get too excited about this new Tesla lot though. They did vacate the campus they were in right in front of Warm Springs Bart. So I'd come close to calling it a wash. The last few weeks it seems like 80% of the cars coming out are black. And I did zoom in to try and get some of the stickers in the windows. (below) All the cars look super dirty right now. Some had plates, most did not.


  1. This reminds me of a story from the Harry Harrison in his Stainless Steel Rat series. I forget which one in the series it was. The hero infiltrated a planet and had to get a job crushing cars. Not used cars....
    New ones.
    He asked why some had no engines, etc.
    He was told why do a good job when they KNOW they are just going to be recycled.
    The hero asks if they are insane..and the reply is "No".
    The Goverment is insane, not the company.
    The govt. let's them take it as a tax write off and also subsidizes some of them..
    Therefore the company is making cars that will NEVER go into the market.

    That; she said....
    is the game they are playing.

  2. It is funny how hard fake news is working to find bad economic news. And the bad economic news is that for the first time in over a year that inflation exceeded the rise in incomes and as a result consumer debt rose, because of spring cleaning.
    The supression of the rise in income and the fact that gdp has not met whote house projections is because the federal reserve continues to tighten the money supply be liquidating the assets they purchased to prop up the new york economy and Obama during the Obama administration. Because purchasing bank assets during those years sure as hell did not help the real economy. Unlike the changes Trump has implement.
    So when will Hate and Prison and our other liberal barflies admit that they just hate the man and their complaints are not because is a worse President than both Bush's, Clinton or Obama. After all he is not diddling interns sending a $100+ billion to terrorists now is he?

    The Corporate tax cut resulted in greater, not lesser tax revenues. In other words, more tax money was collected, not less. How did this happen? Simple. Companies turned around with that money they did not have to give to the government, and;

    Reinvested in Company infrastructure, to include bonuses and pay-raises to lower echelon(Salaried/Hourly)Employees.

    Hired more people.

    Brought Jobs back from overseas.

    All these things resulted in more people working, and more people paying Sales Taxes, both State and Federal, and Income taxes. So, if you have a corporation paying a million dollars in taxes, not having to pay a million in taxes, and the company hires more people and pays people more, and those people number twelve hundred tax payers paying a thousand dollars each...

    Now, multiply that effect by about five hundred companies, and tens of thousand of employees.

    On the other hand, you have people demanding that the minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour...

    I am one of the people ho does not make much more than the minimum wage right now, and I can tell you straight out that doubling my wages would result in me going from 30+ hours a week to less than fifteen hours a week, if I did not simply lose my job because the costs to pay me even for fifteen hours was too great.

    Ias k that BD re-aquaint you with the record-breaking GDP number since President Donald J Trump took office. The last quarter's numbers were 4.1%, which was about two and a half times what the DNC was saying could be expected. And that isn't even the highest quarter! I believe there was one that was 4.3%...

  3. I am not a Trump hater. I was with him before ANYONE was. He was the least socialisty candidate we had. HERE.

    Having said that, charts should not be pointing down if things are what they say they are. I know some people like to think that they are just trying to find bad news on him. But I got caught up in the last recession because I had a blind spot. Recessions had always had this pattern. Three years tip to stern, so I was completely caught flat footed. I barely made it out alive.

    I agree he is trying to pull liquidity out of the market. And it's been amazing what he's been able to get done. But's he's been doing that for two years, and this is the first time we've gotten so close to technical recession. And it's probably because so many other countries are so close to technical recession. People are in more debt now than during the recession. Obama created a huge bubble in everything, and to have that magically not have implications seems not logical.

    We depend on other countries to buy our stuff, but most of the other countries are completely at stall speed. To have that not show up is not logical. And what I am seeing is freaking me the eff out.

    When a President calls for a full point rate cut - that freaks me the eff out. There are just too many things that defy belief. Maybe I'm wrong. But you can never feel safe in Silicon Valley. Never.

  4. WEll. Silicon valley. Myself, I think it should be nuked from orbit. It's the only way to be sure. :)

  5. Well, I hope they nuke it close to my place. So I go first. I'm not living on rations! I give it three days before I say - You mean I can't get a good burger in this Armageddon! Fuck that!

  6. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, May 02, 2019 9:52:00 PM

    Move to Nevada, it's Armageddon Lite already, and the commute will be the same ... :-)

  7. It's too brown for me. And I like trees. At least here we get two months of green before it goes brown, but by October I just get sick of it and want to punch the sky.

  8. One thing I notice right off the bat (in cities like in the valley) is that people are not friendly. No talking to strangers at stores, etc.
    faces front and doing the drone walk.