Thursday, May 30, 2019

Burn him!

Frequent ADA plaintiff Scott Johnson indicted for tax fraud.

"Scott Johnson, who has filed thousands of lawsuits against businesses — including many in the Palo Alto area — claiming violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, was indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday (May 23) for tax fraud.

Johnson, 57, of Carmichael, has sued at least six hotels and restaurants in Palo Alto and Mountain View. His suit against Jason’s Cafe in Menlo Park — its third ADA suit — forced owner Jason Kwan to close the restaurant on April 30.

“We can’t handle it,” Kwan said after Johnson’s suit. “I’m really upset about it.”

Johnson has been filing about 44 lawsuits a month, according to attorney Rick Morin, who often defends businesses against Johnson and other ADA plaintiffs."

Some people are absolutely horrible scum of the earth type people. This guy Scott Johnson is THAT guy. He is basically a professional extortionist. Of which we have a lot of in California.

He has caused countless mom and pop business to close or fight lengthly legal battles. Unless you just rolled over and paid his extortion fee. When I saw this pop up in the news I wondered if he was the cause of the Sacramento Squeeze Inn being closed and moved. The place was really no wider than a shack. But they would bring food to your car. The place was enormously popular. The first time I went there I waited in line for two hours! I tried to find my original photos. but couldn't.

Turns out - he was behind the extortion of the Squeeze Inn and countless others. I think he has filed maybe half of all the ADA suits against businesses in California. You can see what a horrible garbage person this guy is.

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