Friday, May 03, 2019

I literally will never get this.

It's really no bigger than a van. But I bet is costs just as much. The van however retains its value way more than a garden shed.


  1. Rent it out for $3k/month; or $200/night?

  2. LOL. Sounds legit.

    In the burbs you could get a three bedroom house with a very large yard for that price.

    Welcome to the Blog Oberst.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, May 04, 2019 8:08:00 PM

    Some new gated community needs a new gate keeper house?

    Because that's what this thing looks like to me.

    "Here at Deshabille Acres we don't want everything to look sloppy and careless! We only do that for our Honored Residents when they look into each other's windows!" :-)

  4. The sad part is that the more popular those things have become, the more expensive a decent quality garden shed has become. It COULD just be the rising cost of everything. But it sure feels like its the market trying to soak everything it can.

  5. No... you called it right. People are just being stupid. I couldn't get up to the side of this one, but from my pictures I can see three windows and a door. For what must only be a 10x10 foot space. If you were to use it for a garden shed, you wouldn't want that much exposure to having your crap stolen. Just in windows it probably has an extra grand right there. Then I bet inside it's got hardwood floors of some type.