Wednesday, May 08, 2019

I guess all the bums are becoming bitcoin thousandares.

Bitcoin is currently trading at over 6 grand. I wonder how long it would take to buy one bitcoin in coins.

The only people who I see using these things are people living on the edge. Mostly bums.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, May 10, 2019 12:43:00 AM

    I've fed a Coinstar machine about 0.3 BTC at today's valuation in a single visit.

    It was the least awful solution to an absurd end-of-day coin habit that I'd developed over several years of buying everything with cash.

    If you don't recycle your coins back into circulation and you dump them into giant plastic jugs instead, eventually you have a closet full of giant plastic jugs full of coins.

    I had to use a furniture dolly to roll the plastic bin full of giant plastic jugs into the grocery store.

    The grocery store assigned a security guard to watch over me with great concern as I filled up the store's Coinstar machine.

    My plastic money works at the pleasure of the international banking companies that manage various card issuer networks, but my cash typically remains usable even in a place with no telephone service.

    So don't you be giving people using Coinstar machines any crap now, we're the last line of defense against going to a "cash-free society" like the Vichy Swedish, and you'd better be glad we exist. :-)

  2. "The only people who I see using these things are people living on the edge. Mostly bums."

    They also have potable water to drink and accessible, and few of them look like a starving African in terms of BMI.

    Is this a great country or not?

  3. Really? Here is CA we have fat ones. There is one bum in my town that clocks an eight hour day bumming. Then he gets on a bus. I'm pretty sure he's not even homeless. But he does keep Constar in business. Plus he must make a killing because he's getting super fat. Some of the rest are crackheads.

  4. Its not the bums its people using it to send money outside the US without the wire fees involved. I bwt the store its in doesnt offer western union anymore ;) df

  5. Davis... it that you? I didn't think you read me anymore. Good to see you.

    I also didn't know those things allowed you to send money to people. Thanks.

  6. Still out here, busy as always but still enjoying your blog. If you visit wine country this year stop by my soda fountain in Calistoga and say hi. DF

  7. I might just do that. It would be nice to see you again. And catch up and see how life the universe and babies are treating you.

    Send me some email and I will try to get out there this summer.