Wednesday, May 08, 2019

So many companies willing to sell things at a loss.

Beyond Meat Plunges As Shorts Assault The Stock... But It Will Cost Them.

And so many willing to buy hope.

Last night Mr S. and I were talking about this one because they have literally gotten into almost every restaurant.  So, it's sort of easy to forget they have never made a profit.

Which must mean, they aren't selling at a profit.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeThursday, May 09, 2019 11:44:00 PM

    People are figuring out on their own how much of a bunch of Sukkazz they've been played for by doctors and the entire "medical industry" ...

    Statins? Apparently they're less useful than aspirin, which is also mostly useless, unless you've had at least three heart attacks already.

    Controlling cholesterol? The number needed to treat (NNT) is so high that the findings are essentially worthless noise that doesn't even come up to the level of a truth, and there are "gold-standard" Cochrane reviews to prove it.

    Salt? You actually do need a lot of that, and unless you've got corroding arteries full of crap stuck to them, that probably won't hurt you at all.

    Dietary fats? I'm on a modified keto diet, and so I generally burn more fats than carbs, and I now want my steaks to be ribeyes instead of New York strips because of that.

    And so the "Beyond Meat Burger" solves a problem I don't need to solve.

    Remember, I was a vegetarian for a very, very long time, and aside from some Taiwanese mock meat products that I could season into something that would resemble turkey and chicken (but never beef), I never found much of that stuff was any good or that it fooled anyone for long.

    The only burgers that weren't awful were something from some company in Vancouver whose name I've forgotten, and that's only because I could fry the ever-living crap out of those things to where the outside texture was like a grilled burger. (No, they were not Gardenburger, but the name started with a G, I think.)

    A super-salty pea flour burger is essentially a burger-chapati-papadam that isn't crisp, and I'd rather have the real thing from India and Pakistan.

    No cholesterol, made with RAPESEED OIL ... ahem, canola oil ... and it looks like it's chana dal mashed together with a bunch of binders.

    The "Beast Burger" picture on Wikipedia does not look good at all.

    "Beyond Meat is valued at about $3.8 billion and had 2019's best first day for an initial public offering in the U.S."

    This is like these investors went to the roulette wheel and put all of their money on 7 Red.

    Does everyone think they're Ashley Revell now?

  2. Yes. Yes they do.

    I didn't know who that was so I googled it. Where is that guy at now? I read the wiki, but I don't see anything on him after 2011. surely he is living on an island paradise right now. Right? Said in the most sarcastic way.

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, May 10, 2019 6:37:00 PM

    Hollyweird, I think ...

    It makes sense, because that's where lucky people gamble on new careers.

  4. Aside from the virtue signaling. It's not actually that bad. Better than the ones in the freezer section. But I think those other guys have other products to help with profitability. I'm not saying it shouldn't be a product just because of their political view. but because they can't make a profit.

  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, May 14, 2019 9:12:00 PM

    As long as these products aren't mediocre either ...

    The Taiwanese mock chicken that I used fooled a lot of meat eaters.

    The Beyond Meat burger isn't really fooling me or anyone else at all.

    It really does look like someone went apeshit making a chana dal burger.

    So about going vegetarian ...

    I had some medical problems that I worked around for about fifteen years by going vegetarian, and so it was always a matter of my will to survive not to eat meat, not just making some sort of lifestyle choice.

    So now I'm in my fifties and I have better health than a lot of guys in their late twenties, mostly because in my twenties I started to give a shit about the stuff I eat.

    Yeah, I care about nutrition ... :-)

    An obligatory old SJW song for leaperman: "Listen there, you lesbian midget left-handed albino, you stop right there!"

    OK, it was just gas. :-)

  6. I don't think it's fooling anyone, but every girl has gone through a garden burger phase because we are constantly trying to lose weight. If they just marketed these like garden burgers, and not with all the social posturing - I wouldn't have a problem with this product. It ~is~ better than garden burgers. However is not a meat replacement. And I don't really understand why people need so badly to have it be meat. I don't go to a vegetarian restaurants and demand they cook burgers. If they have good salads or whatever I will shop there. I also find it weird that people who demand this don't seem to care it's being cooked on the same surface as meat.