Saturday, January 21, 2017

This next storm could get interesting.

Things have been pretty chill here up until now. But we are starting to get water where ~I've~ never seen it before. This is normally a small trickle stream that mostly stays within that tree line.

Even the vineyards are starting to flood here. I haven't gone out to explore too, too much because the shoulder is super soft everywhere.

Was going to see how the stream going through here was flowing, but they had it completely blocked off due to an accident.

Luckily I got you this stuff because it's raining so much we basically stayed home and fixed the heater. It's been a real winter here, so it's been getting a workout and was starting to sound cranky.

You might get a bunch of rain shots for a little while though It's suppose to rain through Tuesday and we are fully saturated now. I mean, it been dry for a couple of hours now and there is still running water everywhere. That's sort of unusual for this area.

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