Thursday, January 19, 2017

Buhbye medical marijuana.

I was talking to a childhood friend who lives in Seattle last night. She said that since pot became legal - there are almost NO medical pot places anymore. They made it a super huge hassle so that market disappeared. I'm guessing this will also happen in California.

She's also dating a potrepreneur, and he has to go to the bank of Canada because the US won't deal with those people's money. Crazy.

I don't normally talk about the fact that I'm a giant pothead because people just think you aren't very smart. And I have to keep up appearances and all. But pot is legal now.  So I can talk about the whole thing now. Going to the "pot doctor" to get your card renewed was kinda a bullshit front. So even though legal pot is more expensive, it might flush out in the wash depending on how chronic you are because you don't have to pay for whatever doctors visits that are required.

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