Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Metal 3D printing has arrived.

There hasn't really been much new in 3D printing - so I haven't blogged about it in a long time. But this metal 3D printer did catch my attention. Allegedly there is no post processing.

I was a little skeptical because they had a very small sample. But they said they had partnered with Harley Davidson,  so I'm guessing it's not vapor ware. The other interesting thing was that if you look under the printer box above - that is a welder which is attached to the printer. It all comes as one unit.




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    Normally I would delete this tuff but I find this one kinda funny.

  3. This is pretty cool. We've tried to get tiny metal fasteners repro'd for the cocktail arcade games and they wanted $10 for parts and $400 labor. The plastic parts that we've printed so far have been too flimsy for commercial use. DF

  4. Man, That's a lot of sushi!

    I think they said this unit was around 5 grand. I'm sure the price will come down. But it sounds like it wouldn't take that long to recoup your costs with labor being that high.