Wednesday, January 25, 2017

More conversations with Mr S.

It's gonna be super crazy to live in California for a while.  I'm not sure which thing they are going to be more pissed about. The immigration thing or the arts thing.

I entered the Trump underground right before the election. Technically it was when we went to San Diego. Mr S, was pretty surprised because before then I had a no fucks given attitude. But we were talking to a (white) South African couple while we were down there and I couldn't say I was voting for Trump even though I was super curious what they thought about the whole election thing. Sure I could read twitter or the internet, but these were real people. They clearly thought the whole thing was crazy. That was the moment I entered the Trump underground.

On a slightly different topic - last night we were watching Doomberg before going to bed when we had the following conversation because on twitter last night you could kinda see what was on schedule for today for the Trump Admin.

Me - do you think the world will melt down tomorrow?

Him - It's like an outrage a day. Maybe he is doing that on purpose.

Me - whaaaat?

Him - Maybe he is trying to overwhelm the system.

I look at him sideways.

Him - Well, you can only be so outraged. Maybe he's trying to drop all this stuff so it tires people out.

Me - Like the way they make protesters continuously walk now?

Him - Yeah.

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