Sunday, January 22, 2017

Our cup runneth over.

We are still holding our own right now, but you can definitely see that it won't take too much more rain before we start to have problems. The above picture is off towards Sunol. I think that route is a little scary right now considering how saturated we are. There are tons of trees through there.

All of the runoff culverts are now holding water. As you can see, when I set out this morning it was sunny, but the water in this ditch wasn't going down because there is really not many places for the water to go now.

Construction is halted. They are putting condo's  on this plot in Fremont, but now it's a swimming pool. Well, in a couple of more days you won't be able to see the bottom. It will have a shallow end and a deep end.

More vineyard flooding. It won't hurt the grape vines, but if you knew how much rain it took to cause this. We've had like two years of rain in one year. Our soil is mostly gravel, so it's really, really hard to flood it.

We are also starting to see small slips.

And one of the trees in the park when you drive into town was down when I got back in. Trees are the thing that's making me nervous now. The soil is super saturated.

This root ball was taller than I am. It's the second large tree I've seen down in a week. I didn't post about the other one.

Our Arroyo is wider than I think I've ever seen it. Normally it's so dry homeless people live down in them. They are maybe knee deep, normally.

This street basically has a river flowing down it now. You can see most of the concrete is dry. And that water isn't standing there, it's slowing like a tiny river. Some of the hills had tiny waterfalls today, but I couldn't get a shot. So yeah. Your move mother nature.

Luckily the city spent a month working on the drains in downtown proper. Normally it can flood in town too, but just not this year yet.

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