Thursday, January 12, 2017

I wish a lot of people would just shut up.

I love listening to people who have never employed anyone fret about Trump not having a plan to replace Obamacare.  (said in the most sarcastic way) The same people who couldn't understand their mortgage documents. The same people who couldn't figure out that health care costs would only go up because now you have added a huge bureaucracy to manage health care. The same people who can't figure out that just paying CASH is actually less expensive than insurance and that if you just had catastrophic care you would be completely fine. Doctors give you a cash discount and always have! The same people who pay attention to absolutely nothing all of a sudden feel they can run the world!

When you employ thousands of people, you understand a little bit about health care costs and options.

Some companies in Silicon Valley change insurance providers every single year to get better prices for their employees. It's not because they are benevolent! It's because they pay a portion of your health care too! They also want to play less. At the same time they need to provide good benefits because they that helps them recruit the people they want. If you have crappy benefits people don't want to work for a company as much.


  1. A few years ago, I went to I guess orthopedic doctor to check up on some tendinitis in my arm and knees.

    The copay was out of network and not far off from the total bill by half. I had insurance, but wondered if I could have gotten the same service if I had just paid cash and he did not have the overhead of insurance and medicare or whatever.

    I wonder how much effort insurance companies do along with the government to make healthcare more expensive than necessary.

  2. My doctor says it takes him six months to get reimbursed from my insurance company. I find out a lot of weird stuff because I have to go in when I'm not actually sick. I just need him to keep spitting out thyroid pills like Pez. To keep the prescription pad going I have to go in. I started out with him on CASH and he gave a cash discount.

    A think it was a year ago I had to ask him again if he took cash because I think that might technically prohibited under Obamacare. He then proceeded to tell me the litany of things insurance things force him to do and said - cash... hell ya. I think you could throw all the insurance companies in a volcano and no one would care.

    I mean, what other industry do you use that you have no idea what something costs until you get the bill in the mail later? And then you are like thank gawd I have insurance. But they just make it so no one knows what anything costs. So they can charge whatever they want.