Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Europe and Canada must be laughing at us.

A couple of months ago I was at a demo. It was taking a little while to get the whole thing together and this guy walked up to me to make small talk. At first he seemed interested in talking to me about how Americans are sort of mannerless. He didn't use those exact words (that would be rude), but that was basically the gist. It didn't bother me because he's sort of right. It was then I learned he was from Switzerland.

As the Demo was taking a long time, (you know how demos go. Right)?, we got to talk about a lot of things. He was telling how his father was ill, but had to travel to Germany to get his diabetes properly diagnosed. Which is pretty much where my brain exploded. Diabetes is a fairly standard illness these days.

In my head I'm like - aren't you from one of those amazing safety net countries? But all I could eek out was.... how long does the take? He told me that he could hop on the train and be in Germany in like 6 hours. When he had to do this for himself he tries to schedule vacation to make it more worth the cost. Which is kinda like me having to travel to Los Angeles to get diabetes treatment. WTF?!

He started to go on about medical tourism, but by then the demo was ready and the conversation was broken. Frankly it just me feel like Europe and Canada just lie to us about their healthcare. There was a reason we were the last industrial country to adopt socialized medicine.

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