Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lacy's first CES.

When we first started going to CES we'd fly in to Vegas in the morning and take the last flight out. Normally the weather is always clear. Always. But you knew there would be a year that rain would make that not happen. Like this year for example. And CES got too big to do in one day anyway. So it made getting rid of that stress a lot easier. Plus, over the years hotels have gotten crazy pet friendly. Although sometimes we have to sneak her in as a dog. For some reason some hotels are only dog friendly. Which is why she has a nondescript pet bag that doesn't draw attention.

Our last bun Jasmine logged the most miles. We took her to Ohio and Illinois and back. Which is pretty much how we came up with this set up. She has her litter box in a medium sized dog carrier and then we hook a medium sized dog crate to it so she can stretch out and not have to lie in her litter box.

Lacy is a crazy good travel bunny. Usually the first day they are off their kibble. But not Lacy. She is a trooper. Maybe it's because she started out traveling. We drove down to almost L.A. to get her when she was a baby. Then we took her to San Diego and back. Now Vegas and back. And she's only six months old.

We put down a drop cloth in the hotel to make sure everything stays clean from hay and cocopuffs.(poops) For some reason the first day or two she pees in her littler box but she won't poop there.  After a couple of days she goes back to getting the routine.

This is her in the truck.

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