Thursday, August 25, 2016

She's not a duddy after all.

When we brought home our new girl, for the first two or three weeks I thought I'd made a mistake. Mr S. basically harassed that breeder out of a bunny, and then she got here and she kinda sucked. It was like she didn't like her new freedom. She didn't do binkies even though she was a baby. (see above video) She didn't want to run around. It was the weirdest thing ever. We actually tested out calling her Meh for a while. Seriously. Her saving grace was that she was an early kisser. Which is the harder thing to pull out of them. So we were willing to settle.

You see with bunnies there is a lot of revisionist history. When they arrive they are super cute because they are babies. But then they turn into an asshole for a couple of years. They pee on your bed, they chew things up incessantly. Some will litter box train well, others are not as easy.

So once you get them past all that they turn into these lovely little pets. But it takes work! But by the time they die, you've forgotten all the rough spots and you only remember them being perfect. When this new girl came she was the complete opposite of our last bun. She couldn't be more opposite.

But I am really starting to like this girl now. She is super sweet. She's starting to gain a personality. She is literally the cleanest, best litter box trained bunny we have ever had. And she hasn't reached the ~chew everything you can get your teeth on~ phase yet. Which is a relief. Then you are constantly worrying about their GI.

The other nice thing about her is she doesn't hate cameras. So I'm pulling out the slow mo. Everything is better in slow mo. Right?

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