Saturday, August 27, 2016

My motivation needs jumper cables.

Everything is boring me right now. I even bailed on a car show in the dogpatch area of SF because it just takes so much effort for so little bang. The traffic sucks and just slapping a wing on something isn't worth fighting the traffic.

I think the Valley is stuck in a rut ~ because I am definitely stuck in a rut. ~


  1. You must have missed the release of the pancake robot?

    I think they are based out of Menlo Park. Did I mention that we applied to distribute pizza ATM. That's pretty exciting tech from our standpoint. DF

  2. Oh seriously! I think my life is now complete. You don't know how many times Mr S. and I have been laying in bed watching TV at midnight and a commercial comes on for IHOp.

    I don't eat in the middle of the night. But If I had a pancake bot I would literally be having pancakes in bed at midnight a few times a month. At least that is my fantasy. Until my ass started getting too big.

    Just to clarify - you are not going to be a pizza delivery guy - but a pizza ATM delivery guy? It is pretty cool. I'm super curious how the food safety people are going to handle these things. The machines I've seen so far don't seem especially easy to clean.

  3. We are going to sell pizza atms to the barcade and pizza shops that lease our games. Cleaning is about the same as cleaning a popcorn popper at movie theaters. They each hold 70 pies before needing refils. We figure each machine will allow a pizza restaurants to get rid of five $15 an hour employees. For our barcades, they add food using a vending license instead of the full health inspection. DF