Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mercedes/Maybach concept.

I found myself being really entertained by the girls at the Concours this year. I'm normally not a big fan of most girls. I don't know how you men put up with us. But these girls rocked so hard.

I was taking these pictures when a girl walked up to me and asked - do the wheels light up? To which I tilted my head to look at them. She continued... they look like those light up yo-yo's.  Which immediately made me smile.

Look at you, I said! They do look like yo'yo's. And I still don't know if those wheels light up, but it would be bad-ass if they did. Plus she rocked for making that observation. That is a girl I could hang out with.

The interesting thing about all the cars this year was they were super long. You don't realize how long cars used to be until you go into one of those old timey museums. Cars used to be like a block long. Everybody seemed to be in a luxury sedan phase this year. Not just rich, but extremely long. Everyone was competing for the RR Phantom space it seemed..

Funnily enough - the only reason I know about Maybachs is because of the Trump show.

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