Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I know - just poke them with a big stick.

The past few days I've been trying to figure out why the LIBOR is going crazy. This is the overnight lending mechanism that signaled the financial crisis.

Sometimes it takes a little while to find the real reason.  But I found this headline a little interesting. Who knew that governments actually had to purchase bonds at all. I thought they just printed them up out of thin air.

Bank of England’s QE plan hits a glitch — it can’t find enough bonds to buy.

"The aim is to drive down long-term interest rates and prod investors into riskier assets, making borrowing cheaper and easier for businesses and households."

It's so depressing that the last eight years has been nothing but financial communism. There is no free will. Only the constant prodding of governments to force people into  risky assets. Not that people wouldn't pour into these things anyway given the chance. But it's so super creepy that this is what most of the counties in the worlds only objective.


  1. We just discovered corporate welfare after one of our customers was acquired. Hard to believe that you can incentive a company to pay more by qualifying them on the right politically correct boxes. Honestly it makes me feel dirty, but were still happy to get the money DF

  2. Now ~that~ sounds like an interesting story.