Friday, August 12, 2016

Call me Maybe.

So...... yesterday I got my new bunnies blood test back and she has e. cuniculi. I figured if I couldn't get a negative rabbit from the breeder I got her from, a negative rabbit probably doesn't exist. I think it's a dirty little secret in the rabbit world. And the truth is, unless you are a shelter, you just aren't going to test rabbits for this disease unless there is already some problem. And by then it's probably too late since the blood work takes a week to get back. I've found out that some shelters have reported 100% positives.

Most rabbits can live without symptoms their whole life. But this disease is like a time bomb. A positive reading doesn't matter until it matters. Then boom. Dead.

The good news is we know early before she is sick so we can at least try to kill some of the protozoan before it can do very much damage. Right now her titer is at .0735. High is 2. Low is somewhere in the range of .035. It's a good thing she can tolerate blood tests because I predict she will have a bunch of them over her lifetime. A rising titer is a very bad sign indeed.

We still haven't decided on a name. We might call her Maybe.

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