Thursday, August 04, 2016

Oh - there will be blood.

I took my new girl in for a blood test today. She still doesn't have a name.

This bunny is chill in a way that is confusing to us. I just threw her in one of those bags you are forced to use for shopping. Well, I usually get mine from trade shows, so they have sorts of different shapes. This one looked more like a thin computer bag. We traveled sort of Joey style. She is super good at that. Other bunnies would have jumped out and chewed their way through. But she's chill.

My vet does think I'm a little nuts. No one takes blood for a rabbit who is healthy. But so far I've talked to five people about e. Cuniculi, and they all give me different answers. My vet today basically thinks the immune system will either fight if off or they die. Boom. Like that. She leaned towards dead. The woman who did the necropsy said it was treatable. She's the one that started testing every rabbit that came into their shelter. So I lean more towards her knowledge because most pet rabbit owners will not spend the money to have them tested. Although my vet is very good, a shelter is like a vet hospital on steroids. There are just more animals to test.. I don't think there is really any consensus on how to treat or what their lifespans will be if they have it. It's sort of a time bomb. If their immune system doesn't fight it they cave. I think the real answer is we are all still trying to figure e.cuniculi out. Which is why I'm testing now. She after all has a 1 and 3 chance of having it.

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