Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tron i8.

This never gets old. I thought it would, but I passed on McClarens to post this first. This was at the monthly Santana Row car show.

As we were getting ready to leave I spot this little girl in the crowd, and she's carrying one of the BMW i8 toy cars around. Which I thought it was just really bad ass.


  1. That is badass. I like the way it looks makes me wonder if we should solicit BMW with our Tron arcades :) DF

  2. If you never try, you will never know. They might say no. But the worst thing that happens by asking is a no. Maybe they say yes.

  3. Well I sent an email to the general manager at the local dealership and 24 hours later so far no response. On the plus side one of our customers saw that we had Tron and booked it anyway :) we just bought another 25 sit down racers and plan to solicit auto body shops with them. I'm not sure how receptive they will be for free play but it does amazing things for repeat business and thats what ultimately drives demand for us. DF

  4. It might be something that needs a face to face for them to see how this might drive customers to stay longer. Which might turn into sales. There was a pop up McLaren show in my city at the porsche dealership. The guy that owned most of the exotics also brought along one of those driving set ups. With the three monitors.

    You know what would be cool is if you could get the graphics for the i8 on one of the machines. I don't know how hard that process is. But they don't really make new games right? People are just rehabbing existing stock?