Monday, October 12, 2015

Basket Building Newark OH.

I left Mr S.'s family in Akron this morning on the way to a new family spot. Yeah - I'm doing the whole family circuit. It's why I didn't fly. I didn't plan on seeing this building but stumbled across it on the way. My family said they used to make really great handmade baskets, but they outsourced the work to China because it was probably cheaper. It sort of pissed everyone off, and people stopped buying their stuff. And now it sounds like they might go bankrupt. I don't know how the presumed new owner is going to flip that building.

I think I'd seen a picture of this roadside attraction on the internet but it didn't really dawn on me that is was really a giant office building.

Oh, and we got just a couple of miles outside of Xenia Oh, and it started balls out raining. I really thought we would have seen snow by this time in Ohio. But rain is good enough. I did kind want to see snow though. Maybe in TX or New Mexico.

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