Sunday, October 11, 2015

I can find a Masi anywhere. ANYWHERE.

As we were set to leave Moline we found a gas station I think on the Iowa boarder. As Mr S filled up I was staring off into a strip mall across the street. When he got back in I was like - is that a Masi? You couldn't see the whole car. I could just see the shape of the side window. As we got the the edge of the gas station parking lot, Mr S was like - that is a Masi.

I was like wow Iowa! You must be pretty swank to have a Masi here. I also thought it was super funny it had bugs embedded into it's grill because at some points on the drive it sounded like it was raining. Raining bugs! I haven't seen rain since Nevada. I've had to stop t wash my windshield about a million times.

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