Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Let's get to the BBQ pants off dance off.

Because I have a conference tomorrow and I still have a lot to get out from the trip.

I declare the Northern route a food desert. By the time I got to Ohio I was swearing off fried foods. And I never thought I'd use those words. It made the filling nature of BBQ seem like a respite. The WHOLE way back we basically did BBQ.

Memphis won hands down at Blues city Cafe. Although the people in Memphis are crazy sweet, fun, and nice - I decided I could never fall in love with Tennessee because of the drivers. I thought California drivers were the worst at hanging out in the fast lane when they didn't need to be. We have nothing on Tennessee! OMG Tennessee.... why? At least we have five lanes we can try to get around those damn people. And people in Tennessee dig in their heels. They are NOT getting out of the fast lane. Period. When you only have a three lane highway, it makes you pissed super quick. That got old really fast. You see how I drive - right?

Second place is sort of hard because I'd like it to be Texas. And the BBQ in Texas is amazing. I just don't think Amarillo was a big enough town to get the full experience.

Kentucky though.... the sides give Texas a real run for their money. I'm not much into beans. I love cornbread, but it's so filling I never really eat it. But this new trend of making poor people food into oh-ma-gaw delicious makes it super memorable. I mean, tater tots? I used to eat that as a kid. Put a little slaw and brisket on it, I might have to find a reason to return to Kentucky. The pictures of from Feast in Louisville KY.

I think last place was Kingman Arizona. But I never expected to get good BBQ in AZ anyway. The town is super interesting and I'll have a post about that later. The BBQ also pretty damn good.

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