Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Your one stop shop of debauchery on the Alien Highway.

One of the many surprising things I found across the country is that most States still have these giant Adult superstores. I mean, every single state. And they are giant Costco sized properties. You can't understand how they stay in business.

I kept asking Mr S. if these people knew about the internet. He kept telling me that they aren't selling porn, they are probably selling prostitution. To which I have the same question - they know about the internet - right? I mean, these places are giant buildings in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, I usually took the night shift in driving, because there are less cops at night. And you know I'm a speeder. So I didn't get to see all the quirky stuff on the Alien Highway. But we did stop in at this store on the way. I knew about the store because I'd scouted this route for CES last year. What I didn't know is they have a brothel right next door. Conveniently co-located for the truckers. And you get to shoot fireworks too.

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