Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I heart Memphis.

There is something about the South that I just love. People are just so nice and friendly and helpful. When I lived in Texas no matter where you got stuck - you'd have people come from the woodwork to help you. In a lake? They would rescue you. Stuck in a back road marsh? Some farmer would come down with his tractor and pull you out. It didn't matter where you were! The south is just like that. Or used to be.

Mr S. and I were however a little nervous about hitting a big city after the whole Cincinnati thing. But Memphis was everything I remember about the South. And so far they have had the best BBQ at the Blues City Cafe. I'd forgotten about the pecan pie in the south. So I had to have some of that. They grow Pecans down there.

The cute thing about Memphis is they have these Cinderella carriage rides. I didn't do it because I'm trying to get as much of the city in as I can in the shortest amount of time. But Memphis definitely moves up the next time I'm around this area.

They shut down Beale Street which is full of neon.

A couple of their old building are still standing because they've just put up metal frames to keep them up. But this one just has a tree growing inside. Nothing else. It's just charming.
And while I'm sure they have homeless, you can walk anywhere and feel completely fine. I will have to be back by Memphis way one day. I wish I could have stayed longer this time. Next time less family. More Memphis.

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