Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Listen America - you had two jobs.

Feed and entertain me. And you almost failed on the first part. It took me all the way to Lincoln Nebraska to find good BBQ at Phat Jacks. I was almost beginning to lose hope. I was sort of resenting having to eat at food at chains. You are the middle of America! I thought you would  be more original.

All of you States that brag about being "cow country" like Wyoming - you suck. I thought I'd find the best steak of my life. What else have you guys got to do there besides make great steaks?

I did try the balls though. They aren't bad........but they aren't good either. But when you drive through Wyoming, you have to say you tried it once. Doncha?


  1. BBQ is in KC. You will have to go to Joe's. Of course there are several places in KC for BBQ you have to try. But Joe's is the current champ. Also depending on which place you go they have different stes of bbq sauce, like arthur bryants being vinegar based if I recall correctly.

  2. Damn. I think I'm going to miss KC. On the way back I think we are going to dip down into Nashville, Ar, and TX. I'm going to have to try to OD on the BBQ. California doesn't have that so much anymore. I mean it's there, but if you don't like Ramen and stuff (which I do) things are starting to get more slim every year.

    Thanks though. I sounds like you travel a lot so if you have places in that direction - I'm up for that.

  3. That's just the closest big city to me. Memphis and Texas are supposed to have great bbq, but they are different. I don't really care for Texas style. Never had Memphis style but supposed to be fantastic ribs.