Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mark it off the list.

Last year when Mr S. and I drove to CES I thought we might take the Alien Highway route back. I found this super quirky hotel called the Clown Motel, and I thought it would be funny to stay there. There is an extra funny perk that the hotel is right next to an old turn of the century graveyard. I thought I might get some IR night shots that would make it super spooky looking. However once you get done with CES, you are kinda done and overwhelmed, so we never took that route.

When we found out we couldn't get through Barstow for an unknown amount of time, we decided to take the Alien Highway route. I was also curious about the Tonopah solar project. If you've been reading this blog for long enough you know how I feel about this solar crap. But, when we drove into Vegas last year,  the one there was pretty fascinating to see no matter how I feel. So I thought this town would be a little like that. No sun that day. No sweet sun rays of death.

We decided to not book a room at the clown hotel. I pussed out at that last minute. I mean, it would be funny, but when it came down to it - clowns freak me out.

So - there are basically only 5 hotels in the whole town. I chose a room in the only one that claimed to have a king bed left. We were just happy to have a room. But when we get there, they don't have a room with a king bed. The only reason why this is sort of a problem in because Mr S. is tall, so with the smaller beds his feet have to hang off the side all night and that kinda sucks. But we were tired and really done. The hotel felt bad enough they comped the entire room. Which I've never ever had happen before. We didn't even yell at them. We just wanted to crawl in a bed somewhere. We were done traveling. It was our last day. You can put up with a lot when you know then end is near.

After seeing the room though, I think I wanted my money back. Even thought it was free. I think all the hotels in that town would have made you feel that way. It was the kind of room that if I would have had to pay, I would have been pissed. But I would have slept there anyway. Sometimes you just have to suck it up if you have no other options.

The next morning we get up and find out what a shit hole this town was. I never want to visit that town again. I mean, and I got a free room there! And that didn't even soften the town. Which really surprised me because the town is listed as a biker hangout. Usually they like some pretty run down places, but they are quirky run down places. I don't understand why everyone doesn't run away from that city.

I kind of figured the government boondoggle of the Tonopah solar plant would have slightly bled out into the city. I mean regular people don't normally get rich, but usually there are politicians who do.

Not there! I think that town is one of the worst places on earth. And I don't get the solar project. I drove for 4 hours in the dark to get there. Didn't see one light on anywhere. FOUR HOURS! From what I understand from electricity the longer you have to send it somewhere the more electricity you lose. At least the one next to Vegas - IS NEXT TO VEGAS!

These people got killed by a mine car.

Most people died by mine fires.

Even at the tun of the century you could tell who was richer.

Every once in a while you'd be surprised you'd see someone who had dies of natural causes like Cancer and pneumonia.


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