Wednesday, April 15, 2015

These will have to go.

I seriously thought we would get a more normal rain pattern this year. It definitely is not working out that way. This type of pine tree is really struggling now. I bet half of them in my town will need to be cut down. These are probably 100 year old trees. They are all over town in small groves, so I bet they may have been here before the city was.  I guess the pines in Palo Alto were looking just as bad, so maybe it will be a 50% across the board cull. P.A. is much wetter than we are. They just seem not not be able to take it anymore. If we would have gotten more rain this winter they could have made it.  Now not so much.

This year is going to be really rough unless something changes dramatically. I would expect see to a lot of dead tree pictures. Maybe stuff even more dramatic as those pine trees are like matches. We are completely into unknown territory now. I guess it's time to pray for Pacific hurricanes?

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