Wednesday, April 08, 2015

From the way back machine.

I have to admit, when I saw this company today (Anybots) - in my head I was shocked they were still alive. I hadn't seen them anywhere in a few years. Not even an occasional spotting at Maker Faire. I thought it was possible someone bought them. They were one of the early pioneers of robotics. I really thought they were close to an entry point way back when I first saw them close to a decade ago.

They were doing humanoid robots at the time, although they were tethered. I wrote about them seven years ago. Here. And possibly other times. I just don't want to hunt my blog right now. I use the most unhelpful subject lines. Don't you think?

It sort of makes me melancholy. I understand the cycle of life in The Valley. But, these guys must have sunk a crazy amount of money into research. Their robots at one point had articulated hands. Sometimes I just want companies to live because they put everything into trying to make something amazing. You just want them to win.

It just reinforces my opinion from my conference yesterday. For all the media hype, we are still a pretty long way off for robotics. For the most part I think it's stalled. And it sort of bums me out. When I look back on all these companies, they put in an immense amount of effort. And the bundles of cash they must have gone through.....

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