Thursday, April 09, 2015

Fisker in the wild.

Yesterday was one of those days when Google Maps went crazy took me on a giant circle tour of Palo Alto. Honestly, I'm all on board with self driving cars, but when I can't even get Waze or Maps to give even basic helpful info - it makes me lose all hope. For instance it would be nice to know what lane an accident is in so I can start adjusting before the accident is in my line of sight.

When I was in Ohio - you couldn't imagine my delight when they had trucks with giant billboard signs pointing you around the problem lane. You could see it for miles! But Google and Waze think suck it up woosie. You'll find out what lane the accident is in when you can see it. Lately they have been closing down one side of the freeway so much because of major accidents, it would be nice to know if any effing lanes are open and moving.

Or when Google tells you to turn without letting you know which road you should turn on, which invariably is the wrong road, and then you get to go on a bit of a journey. It just says "turn right or left". No road name. And that is how you get to go on a giant circle tour of P.A. Not like it's the worst place in the world to drive aimlessly around. But still.

This is how I ran across this Fisker. If I could have found a place to pull off I would have gotten more shots, but this particular neighborhood was jam packed with cars. And I was obviously running late. I did find out there is a ton of remodeling going on in P.A. One residential block I drove there must have been 10 projects going on.

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