Tuesday, April 14, 2015

That is some Sick Lidar.

I saw this company last week and didn't even go up to the booth. It was obvious they were selling Lidar (which I'm in love with), but their demo really consisted of a bike with Lidar sensor. I didn't really understand the need for that so I moved on.

The second time I saw them, I was more intrigued because their Lidar was super small. And apparently the lidar on the bike was hooked up to a bell you ring to get people to move out of the way. Not an earth breaking use, but it probably does suck to have to ring all the time for people to get out of the way. Sometimes it's windy and you don't hear bicyclists until they are just way up on you. This system just rings when someone is in your proximity. Screw using your hands like a sucker!

It's exciting to see Lidar getting so small, and much less expensive. If it became half as small again, it makes your brain go wild thinking of the possibilities. Maybe one day we all will have personal Lidar. Here is their home site. But I have to warn you - it isn't really suited that well for average consumers.

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