Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pray to a God that I don't believe in.

Last week Mr S. and I commuted together for a couple of days. On Friday after my conf I had a little time to kill before picked him up, so I wound up at Our Lady of Peace - who I refer to as Our Lady of Technology because I am an atheist. Still I like to imagine what people are praying about when they visit her. Love, sadness, good luck? What!?

If I believed in a mommy in the sky I would believe that she was there to watch over the tech companies in Santa Clara. Which frankly, she isn't that good at. That building over her left shoulder used to be a Mccafee building. All of the buildings in her sight have turned over since the recession. For instance Yahoo is now Palo Alto Networks. I like to imagine her saying - you're really going to put that company there?

I do kinda like that people put flowers at her feet. I like flowers. I am a little germaphobic about all the rubbing and kissing of the feet though. But maybe it's made out of silver or something that doesn't retain as much bacteria.

I'm not sure which company is constructing this in her line of sight.  Someday she will be surrounded my nothing but sky scrapers. I grew up in Santa Clara, and she's always been there looking out over the freeway. And it weirdly does provide some comfort. But then new construction also provides me some comfort too. It's always been a sign the valley still has a heartbeat. We go through a lot of boom and bust cycles.

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