Saturday, April 25, 2015

Meanwhile Back at Santana Row. Part 1.

Last month there was a Pagani leaving the Santana Row show as we arrived, so we got up extra early this month to see if we could catch it if we just got there earlier. We weren't even sure they were going to have the cars out today because we actually got rain last night. Do you drive a Pagani in the rain? I don't know.

Anyway, we show up and start to walk the mall, and all I see are Corvettes and Porches which I was not happy about. Throw in a DeLorean and I'm flat out miserable. These ingredients make up for the worst car show ever in my mind. Bored, bored, bored. I mean, the new Corvettes are okay. I'm just not into them.

Mr S. and I start trying to figure out how to kill time until the burger place opens for lunch. Usually we are entertained until about noon and right now this thing looks like a complete bust. So we keep walking the mall and off in the distance I see gull wing doors. At first I thought it could have been a wedding because people were pretty dressed up. Santana Row seems like and odd place for a wedding but it can really look magical at certain times of the year. They have fake churchy looking buildings and the whole bit. Who am I to judge someone's venue?

A whole bunch of people were all clustered around this car which I'd never seen before. It's an Ultima GTR. Apparently it's a kit car like the Noble. You can assemble it, or pay to have someone assemble it. The Noble's have someone in my city that does that. It turned out they had car models this month. It wasn't a wedding after all.

I have to say, kit cars are way better then when I was growing up. When I was growing up they always looked a little junky. These days they look really professionally done. Most times I have to ask if it's a kit or not. I wasn't sure with this one, but Mr S. thought it was a kit. In the day you never had to ask. They always looked kit-ty.

To be continued...

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