Monday, April 20, 2015

Painted hills - end.

I've been debating on posting this shot. Since the hills are nearly brown now, most of the wildflowers now just look like a big ugly bruise. If I showed you shot show 180 degrees in the other direction, I would call it completely brown. But this area got some of the super spotty rain about a week ago.

Look, it's all I've got. From here on out, things get super sketch and irritating.

As a side note - People are willing to rip out their lawns all over town, yet are too cheap to put in more efficient sprinklers. Most people have sprinklers that send a mist up in the air, but if you pay a couple more bucks for each head you can buy the kind that gives you larger droplets. I'm just putting this out now because I'm pretty sure the whole effing low flow toilet market has been tapped. They have been selling them the whole time I've been alive.

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