Thursday, July 31, 2014

There is just something that bothers me about that GDP report.

I don't want to be a spoiled sport. I believe the bad reports, I should be consistent and believe the good ones too. But, as you can see above - California is having a pretty tough time. This is a park in my city. And frankly, it isn't alone in looking like that. The trees have started turning this dark olive green color I've never seen before. I'm kinda shocked the pines are having so much trouble. I thought they were the most native of all the trees in California. From here on out you will start to get a lot of these shots, because the drought has us by the nipples now.

So... back to that GDP report. You'd have to make me believe we not only grew faster than the whole Bush era - while experiencing a once in a life time weather event. I'm sure with the new drought monitor map every single county will be under a state of disaster declaration. All but one of them has been under it for a while now. It bears repeating because I'm not sure I've ever heard of that before. Every county in the State of California will be under a disaster declaration by the end of summer. If it hasn't happened already.

So this means we would've had to have grown at a much larger clip than 4%. California accounts for 13-17% of agricultural GDP for the whole nation. Depending on who you read. I'm choosing to believe this guy even thought the information is really old. Right now there is a lot of conflicting information about how much this is costing. There is an important election coming on soon ya know. You wouldn't want to wake the sheep up.

My city has already started cutting down trees that have died. I wouldn't be surprised if California just didn't give the government the GDP data for this period. It's not the first time they've helped unemployment numbers by not delivering the data.

I mean, it's weird. You can see people are not planting anything which equates to job loss. But no one is saying anything about it. Just look at the drought monitor! That's our whole growing area. I don't get it.

I guess when they look at inflation they never look at water data. Because that is costing the State a ton of money right now.


  1. if it makes any difference the Midwest area that I'm from is having may be their best year ever... farmers are even saying it's great and I'm told by elders that farmers never say such things. It was supposed to be a drought year too, instead a nice constant flow of rain.

  2. That is really awesome to hear.

    It's why I don't get too worked up about food inflation. Farmers from other areas move into to fill the void. I learned this when wheat was becoming unglued. All of a sudden Oregon decided they wanted to plant a ton of wheat, and it brought the price down in a couple of quarters. Of all the inflationary pressures it only take a few months to get a crop from seed to table.

    I hope you guys will continue to have the good rain because I don't even think people will start prepping fields until the first rain. It's just so deeply dry here. Otherwise you are just surrounded by a huge could of dust.

  3. Well hope you like your corn and soy beans if you are wanting food grown here lol. But I hear that these aquaponic farms are starting to pop up here and there so it will be interesting to see what farms/grocery stores are in the next few years..

  4. Are those the ones you talked about once where they farm fish and produce at the same time making a symbiotic relationship? If so, I'm super curious how that turns out. I barely even remember all the details now.