Sunday, July 27, 2014


I was at that Santana Row show again yesterday in San Jose. Last month they had the new Mclaren, and I got shots - but they weren't that great so I didn't post them. And to tell you the truth - even though Mr S. told me it was the latest model I couldn't figure out how the new one was different from the previous model. So I didn't even try to take good shots. When we got back to the house Mr S. showed me the last three models and now I can tell the difference. So, I wanted to go back and see if I could get better photos.

I couldn't stay very long this time, and this Fisker was the first car I took shots of last month too. Yesterday the McLaren wasn't there, but the Fisker was again. I have a real love hate with this car. I saw one in 2009 before I got better at photographing cars. And before most people had heard of them. They were at the Monterrey Concourse for a few years after that and I wouldn't even post shots because this company became so completely douche at that point. Then came the government loan. I mean, technically - shouldn't I get a bolt or something to comfort me for the money they burned up from me the taxpayer? I'm bitter.

Still... this car draws my eye whenever I see one. They are really rare after all. And I loved it back when I saw it was a concept car. It's only their politics that make me hate them. Even now.

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