Monday, July 14, 2014

Liberals say the stupidest shit.

I've been waiting all weekend to tell this story.

Every since my neighbor to the back and I replaced our fence together - we have been "neighbor friendly". We make casual conversation when we run into each other, and trade whatever we are growing in our gardens. He sends me lemons during the summer because my tree only produces in winter for some stupid reason. I decided I was going to send him back some garden grown strawberries this time.

We've never really talked politics. But quickly after they invited me in -  it's where the conversation went at break neck speed. I don't remember what started it, but before I knew she had to tell me that she thought everyone should pay more. And to emphasis the point she thought there should be a 90% tax rate.

I think people who do this are helpful because right away you can roll your eyes and prepare for the next stupid shit they are going to tell you. They set your expectations right away. Evil? Check? Don't understand math? Check. Phony? Check. Lairs? Check, check!

She then went on to prop 13. The law that protects seniors from having to pay market rate on their property taxes. She thought they should do away with prop 13. It wasn't fair that businesses got to keep paying the same tax rate on a building they have owned for years even though tenants move in and out all the time.

Now this particular neighbor was a huge psychological help for me through the darkest parts of the recession. They'd bought their house for either 30 or 40 grand. They helped me hold on without even knowing it. But it also made me aware of what their tax rate might be. Roughly. Sooooo...the conversation turned a little like this.

Her - what do you think about prop 13?

Me - Well, I don't care one way or the other. I just bought my house 7/8 years ago. I'm paying close to top of the market. The question is - how would you feel if they got rid of prop 13? If you knew how much I was paying, and I knew how much you were paying - you would not be happy paying what I am.

This is where she had to start back peddling and fast. Well...... we wouldn't want to pay that much more. And we haven't even moved!

(I will give you a second to let that sink in)

She went on to say they don't even use their house that much and they'd like to move to a smaller place.

Me - so why don't you sell this place. You get like a half a million dollars tax free. Why not just pay cash on a smaller place?

This is where she turns to her husband and asks him if they can transfer their prop 13 status to a new house.

Some days I want to sell all my stuff and start voting yes on all these stupid things these liberal want just to watch them suffer at their own hands.

It's just so mind boggling that these people are more invested in the PC echo chamber than what is best for their own interests. Which is probably why Ocare got voted in. These people are a direct beneficiary of prop 13! But of course when you say stupid douchey stuff like this, you only expect the government to take things away from other people like a tried and true communist. And you know they don't mean a single word of it. That is the depressing part. But they will sure try and impose it on everyone else.

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