Saturday, July 05, 2014

Murcielago in the wild.

You can not go to Walnut Creek and not see something like this. The interesting thing about this car was the windows were tinted almost black. Get pulled over all the time, dark. Except maybe in Walnut Creek.


  1. This car is awesome. No doubt about it. However, take a closer look at the cosmetic details. This car will look very cheap and dated in ten years. Most Italian cars do, largely due to cheap materials and gaudy styling. Ever seen a Ferrari Testarossa (spelling?) driving down the street? It looks like a pile of shit.

    Now a Porsche on the other hand...

  2. Nothing escapes the ravages of time. It happens to all cars. Most of the cars I grew up around look like hell now. Even a beloved Porsche. Wait.. which model ?