Monday, July 21, 2014

Don't tell me everything is wonderful now.

I don't think I could have picked a better weekend to take Mr S. to Tahoe so we could recharge our batteries and forget about the world. I always want to go to water when I feel bad. The ocean or a giant lake. Especially now. The drought is really getting to me. In the three days we were gone two lawns on my block went. They must have completely given up because I've never seen a lawn go so quick. It's starting to feel like you are living in Sepia everything is so brown.

We thought Tahoe would be struggling because they got so little snow this winter. And things are starting to look pretty sideways around here. We really thought we'd have the run of the place. How wrong we were. It would make your brain bleed how crushed Tahoe was with people. I've never seen anything like it. We couldn't even stay in the same place for all three days. Which I thought was a bonus in the end. I wanted to see how the economy was doing on both sides of lake and Mr S. had never been there. I'd only driven around the lake once. We stayed in the North for two days, and the South one day.

The first thing I do when I roll into any town these days is start watching for how many for sale signs you see per mile. For instance my city has super low inventory right now. Just not seeing signs everywhere is psychologically huge. Although in the three days we were away, the amount of houses under price reduction almost doubled. I'm betting they will start creeping back in.

Anyway - in Tahoe there were so many for sale signs we actually stopped into a realty office to see what the deal was. Oh yes I did. Just like here, the prices have been flattening.

We didn't wind up doing much more than swimming in the lake because there were so many people. But it didn't even matter to us because we got rain all three days with thunder. All three days people! Two days we got hard rain. You can't imagine how good it was. Even with the dry lightening if you weren't outside you could pretend it was raining. Hopefully that will hold me for the next couple of months. Because wow. I didn't think I'd pay to go to a place only for the rain, but this year I might.

The first couple of days I wanted to sell all our shit and move there. By the third day you could understand why they are living in such a reality distortion field. If you aren't pecking out for sale signs - the economy there actually seems pretty good. The signs are the only thing to give away things might not be completely right. I think it's because knowing about the world isn't a priority there. And even if you wanted to, who can get service anyway? It's like the beach where you kinda fall off the earth a little. In the South we couldn't get cell coverage to save our lives. The North wasn't that much better. Wifi was iffy. When you are on vacation, that is cool. You are trying to get away from all the things that stress you. But it's an uncertain world and just ignoring it doesn't make it go away.

It was easy there thought to pretend the world was awesome.

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