Saturday, July 26, 2014

The great yuppie bull run of 2014.

When I saw this come around - I had to go. I knew there would be protesters there and that makes me laugh. Oh yes it does! Honestly I was surprised they even let them do this. This area is super douchey. I heard there was a lawsuit trying to stop them. It sounded like the city didn't even want it to happen. Which made me want to go even more. The whole thing just makes me laugh.

The city next to this one has a rodeo every single year. Never any protesters. But you let a bull run through a pen, and all the chicks get their panties in a wad. They weren't even protesting the right cause! They were chanting against animal testing, but the only testing going on here was how fast bulls can run thru a crowd of yuppies.  And they weren't even that dedicated to their protest since 20 minutes after we got there, the protesters bailed. Maybe I got there right before their permit expired. If they even had to pull one. It will be interesting to see how my local news covers it, because they don't even normally come out to the 'burbs even for murders. Three protesters though - they are on that right way. Oh and sometimes they come out here when it gets over 100 degrees. It's their go-to thing. Otherwise we don't exist.

I was pretty sure this was not going to be like Spain. We have happy cows here in California. How can the bulls be that pissed honestly?  You know it wasn't that hard core because I got one shot of two chicks taking selfies right as the bulls got to them.

In the background there is a Porsche SUV because people are actually playing golf on the other side. Which also makes me laugh for some reason.

Here are all the protesters in the stupid free speech zone.

Someone must have gotten tagged though because the ambulance came.

I don't know who this guy was, but apparently everyone thinks the speech zones are hilarious.


  1. Sad that we are becoming conditioned to accept "free speech" areas as the new normal. Lawzy, but I can remember back when we had another name for free speech areas. I was called, "outside."