Saturday, July 05, 2014

One eye on the sky season.

Everyone was super cool with the fireworks yesterday. It is deeply dry around here. It's so dry you are afraid to let your thighs rub together. Girl you might start a fire. I'm guessing around the beginning of August you will start getting a lot of freaked out posts from me with pictures. I was completely stunned last weekend when I was up in Marin. At least they get the ocean fog every night. But even the coast is crazy dry. In Emeryville there are places where it looks like the marshes could catch fire. It will be interesting (said in the most sarcastic way) to see how things look in a month.

So it wasn't surprising to see a smoke plume when I went out to get cheap gas. This was on the Fremont side of the Sunol Grade. The East Bay is probably the best at getting this stuff tamped down. They had a lot of air resources. They had a heli, and a few planes dropping retardant. Probably because the Fremont Water temple is right on the other side of that hill. Maybe it isn't a temple, but it's some huge water infrastructure thing. And there are town homes next to the freeway.

If we keep having fires like this, I"m going to start having to lug around my big camera. Point and clicks like mintberry do a really decent job these days. Not as well with fires though.

Then when I was up in Walnut Creek you could see this fire. I think it's the Yolo one, but I'm not sure.

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